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Dewey Reinhard


4408 Greenstone Circle Colorado Springs, CO


            Dewey was born in Pueblo, Colorado on September 1, 1930.  He is married to Carol J. “Jeanie” Reinhard.  They have three grown sons: Steve, Chip, and Tom, all of whom live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  They have seven grand children, and one great grandson. 

            Dewey graduated from Colorado Springs High School in1948.  He attended Colorado A&M University 1950-51. He served in the U.S. Navy 1951-55.  After being discharged from the Navy he worked in electronics.  He was self-employed most of his working life, owning several service oriented businesses and real estate investments. 

            Dewey became interested in ballooning when he and Jeanie attended an air show in Palm Springs, California in the early 70’s, where they saw two hot air balloons inflated in a light rain.  Even though the balloons did not fly, that lit the spark of interest in ballooning for him.  He jokingly said, “If anyone knows of a hot air balloon for sale I would be interested.”  The very next day his controller informed him that he had purchased a Raven S55A hot air balloon for $3,600.00. It was purchased  in 1972, but stayed in its bag until May 12, of 1974 when he had his first flying lesson from an Air Force Academy cadet by the name of Jim Greeson. Dewey has owned five balloons: A Raven S50A, 2 TBW Firefly 7’s, and 2 Yost Skypower GBR1000 gas balloons.   

·        Ballooning Society of Pikes Peak: Founding member and past president.
·        Kiwanis Club of Colorado Springs: (1974-2000) Past President & Lt. Governor.
·        Colorado Springs Airport Advisory Commission. (1980-84)
·        Colorado Springs Executive Association. (1974 to present). Past president & treasurer.
·        Chamber of Commerce City Government Affairs Committee. (1979-81)
·        Junior Achievement: Board of Directors. (1978-81)
·        Boys and Girls Clubs of Colorado Springs: Board of Directors. (1977-92)
·        Pikes Peak Community College: Board of Advisors. (1982-83)
·        Colorado Springs Balloon Classic: Founder, owner, & manager. (1976-95)
·        Southern Colorado Air Show: Chairman and coordinator of all flying activities. (1984)
·        Colorado Aviation Historical Society: Past President & Life Member.
·        Fort Collins Balloon Festival: Co-founder & Manager. (1987-92)
·        Pikes Peak Auto Hill Climb Board of Directors: (1991-97) Chairman of the board. (1997)
·        Lighter Than Air Society: Life Member.
·        Balloon Federation of America: Various positions. (1974-present) 


  • CIA/FAI Gas Balloon Advisor and Observer (gas and hot air balloon rules committees) (1980-1994)
  • Scoring Official Saga Japan International Balloon Fiesta. (1990)
  • Gas balloon Events Committee. (1980's)
  • Gas Balloon Division: Board of Directors/Treasurer. (1980's)
  • World Championships for Gas Balloons. (First ever in the U.S.)
  • Organizer/Competition Director (1986) Glendale, Arizona
  • BFA Approved Lecturer for Safety Seminars.  

·        First fixed wing lesson, Jan. 4, 1966. Cessna 170
·        Received single engine land fixed wing license, Aug. 4, 1966. Cessna 182 Skylane
·        Received glider rating (aero tow only), Nov. 15, 1973 Schweitzer 233
·        First balloon lesson, May 5, 1974 Raven S-55A
·        Received commercial hot air balloon license, July 16, 1975 Barnes Firefly.
·        Received commercial free balloon rating, July 23, 1977 Yost plastic spy balloon.
·        Founding member and president of our local balloon club. (The Ballooning Society of Pikes Peak) 1976
·        Made man's 16th attempt to fly across the Atlantic Ocean in a free balloon. Oct. 10, 1977. 
            The flight was unsuccessful. Their film of the flight (The Impossible Dream) was shown on primetime CBS television 
            and received an Emmy for an edited sports special. 1978. The  Impossible Dream was also shown on Public 
            Television several times.
·        Founded, organized and managed the first Colorado Springs Balloon Classic July 1, 1976
·        Sold the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic 1995
·        Co-founded and managed The Fort Collins Balloon Festival. 1992-1997.
·        Served as U.S. alternate delegate and gas balloon advisor to FAI/CIA.  Served on both
·        the hot air and gas balloon rules committees 1970's and early 1980's. 

·        Gordon Bennett from Long Beach, CA.(U.S. team) Joe Kittinger co-pilot. May 27, 1979 2ND Place
·        Gordon Bennett from Newport, CA (U.S. team) Don Wooley co-pilot. April 26, 1979 3RD Place
·        U.S. National Gas Balloon Series Champion with John Davis co-pilot. Indianola, IA.  July1980  1ST Place
·        World Championship from St.Nicholas, Belgium (U.S. team) John Davis co-pilot.   Sept. 6, 1980 13TH.Place
·        World Championship from North of Brussels (U.S. team) John Davis co-pilot.   Sept. 7, 1980 5TH Place
·        Gordon Bennett from Newport, CA (U.S. team) John Davis co-pilot.   May 25, 1981 ?TH Place
·        World Championship from Bern, SW airport (U.S. team) Jim Schiller co-pilot.  Sept. 26, 1982  8TH Place
·        World Championship from Bern, SW airport (U.S. team) Jim Schiller co-pilot.  Sept. 28, 1982  4TH Place
·        World Championship from Bern, SW airport (U.S. team) Jim Schiller co-pilot.   Oct. 1, 1982  4TH Place
·        Gordon Bennett from Kloten, Swiss, airport (U.S. team) Abruzzo PIC Dewey co-pilot.   Oct. 15,1984 Last place
·        Gordon Bennett from Seefeld, Aus. (U.S. team) Troy Bradley PIC Dewey co-pilot.   Oct. 3,1987  Last place
·        Gordon Bennett from Bregenz Aus. (U.S. team) Fred Hyde PIC, Dewey co-pilot. Oct. 23, 1988 ??place
·        Gordon Bennett from Lech, Aus. (U.S. team) Fred Hyde PIC, Dewey co-pilot. Sept. 16, 1989 ??place
·        Served as chairman of The BFA Gas Balloon Events Committee (later to become the BFA Gas
·        Balloon Division) assisting with, and competing in, several BFA sanctioned gas balloon events throughout the country. (1980's)
·        Succeeded with petitioning the FAI/CIA. to host the 1986 World Championships for Gas Balloons in Glendale,     Arizona and as competition director/general manager of the event, (first ever World Championships for Gas Balloons to be held in the U.S.).
·        Organized and conducted management seminars for balloon event organizers and potential organizers.(1980's)
·        A few new ballooning events were started by folks who attended these seminars. 

·        Colorado Balloon Club Sportsman of the Year.  1977
·        Inducted into Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame.  1983
·        Received Colorado Balloon Club President's Award.  1983
·        Received BFA Distinguished Aeronaut status. 1984
·        Received the first Snowmass Maxie Anderson-Don Ida Memorial Award. 1984
·        Inducted into Colorado Springs High School Alumni Hall of Fame.  1985
·        Received BFA President's Award.  1986
·        Received the Diplome Montgolfier for service to ballooning. 1989
·        Received an Honorary Bachelor of Science Degree from National College. 1996
·        Received the BFA Shields-Trauger Memorial Award. 1996
·        Received Ken Kennedy Spirit of Ballooning Award. 2009
·        Inducted into the United States Ballooning Hall of Fame at the National Balloon Museum, July 31, 2011

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